Data integration to gain insight and accelerate discovery

Sema is a bioinformatics tool to enable analyses of large multidimensional omics datasets using powerful tools and intuitive visualization

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Gain insight and discover actionable knowledge by harnessing the power of large data integration and analyses

Extensive oncology knowledgebase

Hundreds of custom-curated clinical and experimental studies involving 10+ data types (RNAseq, sc-RNAseq, proteomics, CRISPR, mutations, copy number variations, etc...) to power your discovery in almost every area of oncology, including immuno-oncology, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, etc...

Deep insight

Use advanced tools to discover hidden patterns, complex molecular and clinical relationships in your and external datasets using a suite of functionalities in highly intuitive UI


Integrated capabilities for interactive visualization of various types of data and molecular patterns: complex heatmaps, scatter plots, histograms, t-SNE, etc... Create simple and composite multi-pannel figures in presentation-ready format

Plug-in your data

Upload and analyze your clinical, single-cell or bulk RNAseq, exome-seq, proteomics and other data to discover the core molecular patterns and relationships. Identify and cross-analyze with external datasets for deeper and more holistic insight.

Pre-computed knowledge

Accelerate discovery through exploring and integrated analyses of billions of pre-analyzed molecular and clinical relationships, along with millions of known and computed interactions between genes, drugs and compounds

Custom support

We provide training and support for use of Sema in your data analyses. If your needs require special functionalities, we can quickly build and deploy customized modules into your instance of Sema to meet your data analysis needs

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